How to Submit Content

How to Submit Photo?

1. Go to Login Page (if you registered with us otherwise Register here)
2. You will see Your Profile as like this...

3. Choose Submit Photo Butteon or go to this link on a new tab :
4. You will be redirected to core area where you have to select/create gallery and upload photos. From that page Click "Add Gallery" button.
Note: Add Gallery from "Manage Gallery" page. Otherwise custom fields like place, Submitted by etc. will not be linked to your gallery.
5. Now Give the gallery name for your picture. Note: Please write your name along with the gallery name e.g. Birds - Anirban Dash that means Birds album uploaded by Anirban Dash.( It is so because when we will deal with high amount of data we can face trouble in sorting individuals galleries.) Do checkbox selected for Submitted by, Place, Scientific Name. This will create extra fields in your gallery. a reference image is attached..

Then Click on "Add Gallery/Images" from the left pannel of your dashboard. Like this
Then select gallery you just created and click on "Add Files" to choose images from you storage area. All image should be .jpeg/.jpg and less thank 1MB.
Reference image ...
After adding the images click on "Start Upload" to start uploading files to server. As soon as the image upload being completed go to Manage gallery again and fill all needed information of every image like Name, Description, Scientific Name, Where found, Who clicked the picture etc. etc.

Most Important is to Tag the image properly.Without Tag picture will not be shown at galleries.

[ e.g. If you uploaded a butterfly from Bankura then tag will be- butterfly,bankura : Multiple tags can be separated by comma, here two tag means you picture will be shown butterfly album as well as bankura album gallery ] .
Our Selected Tags are given below-
For Birds- bird
For Butterflies- butterfly
For Mammals- mammal
For Reptiles- reptile
For Amphibians- amphibian
For Arachnids- arachnid
For Other insects- insect

For Bankura- bankura
For Burdwan- burdwan
For Puruliya- puruliya
For Birbhum- birbhum
For Medinipur- medinipur

Optional TAGs
You can TAG the month of finding the record i.e. the month you have clicked the photo with a comma with previous tags like butterfly,bankura,march if you clicked it in march.
6. Now its time to set watermark. If you want to use your own watermark only then this option is optional to you. After uploading the images it will be shown into manage gallery > your created gallery. Then choose the images by selecting the checkbox on left side. Then select "Set watermark" option from the bulk action drop-down and click apply>ok. Watermark will be set automatically into your images.

All Set. You can find your images by navigating to proper regions at front end.

How to Write Articles?

1. Go to Login Page (if you registered with us otherwise Register here)
2. You will see Your Profile as like this...

3. Choose Write Article button or go to this link on a new tab :
4. Click "Add New" button then a titlebox and content box will appear . Give a proper Title and Fill the content . You can select any photo from "feature image" option.
5. Then must select the article category to which it belongs to like: important findings, conservation articles etc. and Tag the article with keywords which is optional.
6. Click on "Publish" to publish the post.

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