Finding of Marbled Toad (Duttaphyrnus stomaticus) in Asansol region of Chotonagpur Plateau

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Marbled Toad or Assam Toad or Indus Valley toad  ( Duttaphyrnus stomaticus) can be easily distinguished from Common Toad (Duttaphyrnus melanostictus) by the absence of cranial ridges, black cornified area of upper lip and less warty skin. The major characters to identify the Marbled Toad are tympanum distinct, first finger longer than the second. Toes about 2/3 webbed, tarso-metatarsal articulation reaches to between the shoulder and the eye. Crown of head above parotid glands smooth or with a few scattered tubercles. Coloration is Grey or Olive above, rarely uniform but more often with darker marblings. Ventral side and upper lip white. During breeding season the male has black cornified patches on the inner aspects of the first and second fingers, and a bright yellowish tint.

Although it is mentioned as a common species in East India, but it is very much uncommon in Chotonagpur Plateau region. There was only one previous record of this species from this area. On the evening of 4th July 2017, under a heavy rainfall I found a mating couple of this species from Asansol (23.6739° N, 86.9524° E) region of West Bengal. The mating call of the male is easily distinguishable from that of D. melanostictus




Saptarshi Mukherjee
Saptarshi Mukherjee
M.Sc. Zoology; Asstt Acctt in State Bank of India; Amateur Wildlife Photographer & Wildlife Enthusiast from Asansol
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