Peregrines are taking interest in Kharagpur

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1st sighting at Chowrangy,Kharagpur

Peregrine Falcons are not so much uncommon species but not so much common also. We don’t get to see them daily. Luckily it’s the third time that I have seen a Peregrine Falcon at Kharagpur this winter. It feels amazing to watch these amazingly fast raptors. First time I saw one on 16.11.2016 near Kharagpur “Chowrangy” area. The 2nd & 3rd individual was sighted by me on 11.2.2017 near my house at Kharida, Kharagpur. So, its a good news that they are taking interest in our areas.

1st sighting at Chowrangy,Kharagpur

3rd sighting

2nd sighting.


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