Fisrt Photographic Record of Brown-headed Barbet from Sutan, Bankura

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We were roaming around the paths of Sutan, Bankura on 25th December, 2016. Suddenly a Hair-crested Drongo emerged from the secondary growths, caught an insect and rushed into those bushes again. I approched to watch it more closely. Suddenly on the top of a tree, upon those bushes a repetitive kutroo…kutroo call started. It sounded very much like a Lineated Barbet (which is quite common in the adjacent plains) but interval was long and the number of notes were high and sharp also. After sometimes it came to a open branch and yes, a Brown-headed Barbet, just able to take two long distance photos and this was a fisrt time photographic record from Bankura district. Though the Brown-headed Barbet is widely distributed through out India and categorised – Least Concern in the IUCN Red List but rarely seen in the plateau region of West Bengal. Before Bankura it was recorded from Purulia. This is a largely frugivorous bird and nests in tree holes. Finding of this bird in the middle of Jhilimili forest give us hope of a enriched habitat and finding more fig consuming birds.


Anirban Patra
Anirban Patra
I am just a listener of Mother Nature's poems.
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