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The Gangetic plain gradually rises its altitude and by rising upward it meets with an undulating platform, The Chotonagpur Plateau . In West Bengal, Manbhum-Singhbhum region of Chotonagpur Plateau forms a unique undulating topography with prominent gneissic hills.

How you will realize the boundary of Chotonagpur Plateau?

- Draw a line from Jharkhand border via Suri - Durgapur - Bishnupur - Medinipur - Jhargran, Gopiballavpur to Jharkhand Border.Reporting from adjacent areas from the boundary are also welcome. Major cities :- Purulia, Asansol, Suri, Durgapur, Bankura, Bishnupur, Medinipur, Kharagpur, Jhargram.


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